Commercial Solutions

Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC offers Odor Control and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions to several business types throughout the greater Phoenix metro area.  There is no project too big or too small for us.  We recognized long ago that many business with odor and other indoor air quality issues struggle to find expert solutions.

We provide one time shock treatments to deodorize and bring old, stale smelling buildings back to smelling fresh and neutral again.  We also provide long term, engineering solutions to address on going issues.  We never recommend or offer perfumes and masking agents as a solution.  We are in business to counter and eliminate odors permanently.  Some common commercial applications we can addressed:


  • Smelly Restaurants and Bars – Common restaurant odor issues arise from lingering cooking odors, smelly bathrooms, and sewer gases returning into the building.  We can provide regularly scheduled treatments to bring down lingering odors, or install long term mechanical solutions to divert, counteract, and manage odors.


  • Cigar lounges and Casinos – Most cigar lounges and casinos are limited to fresh air exchangers (energy recovery units (ERV’s)) and charcoal or electrostatic filtration systems (smoke eaters).  We’ve yet to find a cigar lounge or casino where these are adequate.  The smell of tobacco quickly builds up in the indoor space, the clients go home reeking of tobacco smoke, and neighboring tenants of cigar lounges complain of the tobacco smell.  We’ve got the ultimate, low maintenance solution for cigar lounges and casinos.  Our Air Purification Systems with Ion Generators counter tobacco smoke in two ways:
    1. Rather than passively filter the smoke out of the air, our devices cause the smoke to literally fall out of the air.  The smoke particles quickly coagulate as soon as they enter the air, and immediately become heavier than air, and fall to the ground.  The smoke particles are simply cleaned from the indoor space when you clean your floors!  Filtration systems can’t compete.  They only clean the air that passes through them, and they become maintenance nightmares as they require constant cleaning or purchasing of new filter mediums.  Our system runs continuously and only requires maintenance once every 2 years.
    2. Our systems generate hydro-peroxides, nature’s odor eaters.  These hydro-peroxides are proven to counter most odors from a biological source, including tobacco.  ERV’s and smoke eaters don’t reach everywhere and everything.  Our Air Purification Systems install in the air ducts and use your air conditioners to distribute its product throughout the entire air conditioned space, so it’s always cleaning and reaching every squire inch of your space.


  • Sick Building Syndrome –  This is where occupants of a building have health or comfort effects from being in the building.  Some buildings have so much allergens and germs built up in them, that they can make some people sick, especially those with respiratory issues.  This can translate into missed days of work for some employees, and in extreme cases, the loss of valuable employees.  Our Air Purification Systems have a proven 99% kill rate of most common allergens, germs, bacteria and viruses.  These systems have proven to reduce the number of sick days of institutions who use them.


  • Musty old buildings –  Some buildings just start building up odor sources with age.  Most old building smells are from mold and mildew, but also build up from dirty carpets, building materials out-gassing, moisture under the building, spills and dropped foods, and more.  Over time, employees, customers and guests are greeted with foul smells when they walk in the door.  These odors can be addressed with one time shock treatments, Air Purification Systems, and mechanical system improvements to sewer and air conditioning systems.


  • Chemical smells – Some manufacturing businesses have their office spaces in the same buildings with their manufacturing.  If chemicals or raw materials that out-gas are heavy, this can affect the comfort and even health of office employees.  Most air conditioned office spaces are maintained relatively air tight for energy efficiency, but this causes the chemical odors to be trapped in the office spaces.  This can be very distracting and detrimental to employee health and productivity. While we cannot always promise to be able to address all chemical odors, most can be effectively counteracted when we understand its chemical makeup.  In other cases, we can recommend filtration or fresh air exchange solutions.


  • Sewer smells – Sewer smells can really hurt a business.  Nobody wants to work in a building that smells like a sewer, and no one wants to invite guests or customers into such a space.  Sewer smells can be difficult to diagnose in a building.  For starters, the odors can travel away from its source and “pool” in another location.  So the source isn’t always at or near where the smells are strongest.  Some older commercial spaces have had several tenant improvements through the years, requiring sewer lines to be terminated and moved often.  One poorly executed termination cause reek havoc on a building.  These terminated sewer lines can be hidden in floors, ceilings, and walls making them difficult to check.  Most perfectly plumbed building will never smell from sewer gases, so a building smelling of sewer gases has design layout or workmanship faults that must be found to be remedied.  We have solutions to inject odor countering chemicals into sewer lines, air conditioning solutions to minimize and counter odors, and solutions to address unused P-traps.


  • Smelly bathrooms – Your cleaning people are often limited to perfumes to try and mask odors.  We sell and install wall mounter hydro-peroxide generators.  Hydro-peroxides counter and neutralize most bathroom odor sources from human waste, urine, and sewer gases. Further more, they are effective germ killers with a 99% kill rate, reducing the chances of employees, customers and guests transmitting or catching a germ.  We mount them high up on a wall, power them from overhead, and they run continuously, requiring maintenance only once every two years.  Set it, and forget it… and never hear another complaint of a smelly bathroom again.


  • Pet Groomers/ Boarders/ Clinics/ Stores – If you bring furry animals into your indoor space, odors from pet dander will inevitably build up.  Our overnight shock treatments are great for regular maintenance to manage the build up of odors in any pet related business, except boarders since these treatments generally must be done in the absence of people, pets, and plants.  Regardless of business type, our Air Purification Systems run 24/7 and actively work to counter odors all day, everyday.  We can customize a solution for you using one or both solutions.


  • Schools, Day Cares and Children’s Play Areas – Schools and Day Cares have the reputations of being germ factories since there are so many little ones with immature immune systems.  Besides successfully managing germs with a 99% kill rate, our Air Purification Systems can also reduce smells.  We’ve recently been contacted for use of these devices in a popular children’s play area where the kids are required to take off their shoes.  The smell from the sweat and foot odors have become unbearable and unwelcoming for guests hurting business.  Employees can miss a spot when cleaning.  Most businesses aren’t going to pay for professional carpet cleaning every month.  Our systems clean and disinfect every square inch of space in the entire building 24/7/365.  We are also working with a Junior High to address classroom odors from the body odor of these kids with changing body chemistries.  After recess, these classrooms become unbearable during the warmer months.


  • Gyms – Gyms also can have the reputation of being germ factories since there are so many people sharing equipment and leaving bodily fluids everywhere as they sweat.  Besides the risk of the spread of germs, Martial Arts and MMA gyms with large matted areas have the added problem of smells.  These matted areas inevitably start to smell, no matter how well they are mopped and maintained due to the absorption of sweat.  A very real and scary concern in gym locker rooms is staphylococcus bacteria (MRSA), or staph infections.  These are no joke and have required amputations for some, and have proven lethal for others.  We can customize a maintenance plan to disinfect these businesses regularly, or install our Air Purification Systems for continuous germ management.  Both our shock treatments and Air Purification Systems eliminate odors and 99% of all germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.


  • Hotels/ Motels/ Apartments – No matter how much you ask people not to, you will invariably have problems with smokers and pet owners.  We’ve addressed hotel and motel rooms with tobacco odor issues, and we’ve addressed pet odor issues from dander and urine.  Where your maintenance people have tried and filed, we will succeed. Why?  We have more and more powerful equipment than anyone in the valley.  We have ozone generators that output as much as 80 grams per hour of ozone.  For comparison, most retail or small commercial machines only put out about 3 grams per hour.  Like shock treating a swimming pool, more is better, and more kills everything.  There is really no odor source that can survive one of our shock treatments.  We also have proprietary chemicals designed to neutralize specific odor sources that your maintenance people do not.  Simply put, its not their expertise.  Most maintenance personnel try to address odor issues with a “catch-all” chemical like bleach or other cleaning agent.  Bleach doesn’t work on tobacco or pet urine.  We are experts with years of knowledge and practical experience in addressing almost any odor source.


  • Senior Living / Nursing Homes / Health Clinics – With a 99% kill rate of all germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens, we cannot overstate the value our Air Purification Systems in facilities such as these.  The elderly have weakened immune systems, and are more susceptible to getting sick when exposed to germs.  Most of these facilities rely on human cleaning for germ control.  Humans can miss a spot.  Germs can reside on surfaces between cleanings.  Our systems reach all of the air conditioned space in a building, and run all day every day.  They won’t “miss a spot”, or stop working to eliminate germs around the clock.  Anyone with loved one in such a facility would feel so much better knowing that such a technological safeguard is in place.


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