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Smell Fresh Arizona is in the business of odor elimination in closed spaces such as autos, RV’s, homes, apartments and businesses.  As odor removal experts, we are most often hired when someone wants to sell a car or home, but also when someone just recognizes there is a lingering odor problem from pets, tobacco, fire, mildew, cooking, or just the smell of father time.

We also provide odor elimination services to businesses and property managers experiencing lingering odor problems from chemicals, sewer, high dust particle areas, cooking, fire, moisture, high traffic, and more.  Check out a comprehensive list of businesses served here.



Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. is head and shoulders above its competitors in a number of ways.  For starters, we are IICRC Certified.  The IICRC is nationally recognized as a highly regarded resource in the abatement and restoration industries.  We can also start most jobs within 24 hours of your request.  Most importantly, we do the job more effectively than any other company in the valley. We are often referred business by some of the larger restoration companies in the valley for our expertise!

We have more equipment, and more powerful equipment than anyone else in the valley to tackle any sized project.   Imagine having a green swimming pool, and only adding a few gallons of chlorine to that pool.  Would it clear up?  Of course not.  Now imagine adding 50+ gallons of chlorine to that pool.  Would it clear up?  You bet!  This is often the approach that Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. can take to tackling your most stubborn odor issues.  Check out our testimonials.

We are also not just limited to ozone or “activated oxygen” shock treatments like some companies.  We have chemistries specifically formulated to address specific odor sources.  We have chemicals designed to spot treat pet urine, as well as hot and cold fogging applications formulated for fires, tobacco odors, and more!  All of our chemicals have been industry tested to be people, pets and property safe!


Trying to sell a home or auto with a lingering odor problem is guaranteed to cost you money!

smelly house

No matter how good a home or auto looks, once a pungent odor hits to nose of a prospective buyer, it becomes an immediate turn off.  A bad odor can overwhelm some people to the point that they have no further interest.

Homes and autos with a lingering odor problem often have to be sold at a discount due to the odor, which makes no sense to do so considering how affordable our services are.


Does it make sense to lose thousands on the sales price of a home, over something that could be remedied so affordably?

Does it make sense to lose hundreds on the sale of a car, when the odor could be remedied in under an hour?


When we go to sell a home or car, we often make the effort to get it looking its best to bring in top dollar.  Why not make sure it smells its best too?

We offer the most affordable, and effective odor removal solutions in town.  See our current rates below.


OUR CURRENT RATES (subject to change):

All Autos and RV’s                                                     $ 115.00

Pet and most other home odors                           $ 395.00  (under 3,000 sq.ft.)

Light-Tobacco odor removal from homes            $ 495.00  (under 3,000 sq.ft.)

Heavy-Tobacco odor removal from homes          $ 595.00  (under 3,000 sq.ft.)

TOBACCO ODOR REMOVAL TREATMENTS include the application of a counteractant and sealer.  The counteractant is applied with a cold fogger for light treatments, or applied as a wall wash for heavy treatments.  The sealer is applied with a thermal fogger.  YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR ALARM COMPANY OF OUR SERVICE TIMES IF YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS ARE MONITORED to avoid any false alarm dispatches of emergency services.  Responsible party ordering service accepts responsibility of any costs associated with false alarms.

Quick refresher for homes                                  $ 245.00
(use this option for allergen and germ treatments)

Small kitchen fire odor removal                         $ 245.00

Condos/Townhomes                                            $ 295.00

Tobacco odor removal Condos/Townhomes    $ 395.00

Hotel/Motel/Apartment units                             $ 245.00   ($95.00 per additional unit on same visit.)

Recurring treatments for businesses                $ 145.00

*  A custom quote is required for businesses, homes over 3,000 sq.ft., and extreme cases, such as: hoarder homes, crawl space issues, homes of 5+cats, heavy urination issues in flooring or drywall, homes with heavy chain smoking, etc… If you think your property is an extreme case, please read HERE.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DETAILED SERVICES ON THIS PAGE MUST BE DONE IN THE ABSENCE OF PEOPLE, PETS, AND PLANTS. However, we do now offer a treatment plan that can be done safely in the presence of people, pets and plants where we can temporarily install our Air Purification System in a home or business for up to 30 days for $595 plus a $400 deposit per unit.  The deposit is refunded when we recover our units from the home.  This particular service can be ordered here.

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* Prepaid service gets priority scheduling.

Still not sure if we can get the job done?  Read some of our testimonials.

*  All people, pets, and plants must be vacated from the property during service.  If the home is currently listed for rent or sale, it must be placed “Temporarily Off Market”.

*  Auto and RV treatments generally take about 2 hours from start to finish.  Homes and Apartments are treated overnight.  Tobacco and extreme odor cases can require more than one night of treatment.

* Homes must have electrical service to power our equipment.

* Upon receipt of your order, you will be contacted within 24 hours to set an appointment.

* We offer a courtesy retreat as part of our guarantee, not refunds.

* Businesses are treated on a case by case basis.  Discounts available for regularly scheduled treatments.  Call or email for a quote.

* Prices are for homes in the major Phoenix metropolitan area.  Rural properties to be done on a case by case basis at a different rate based on location.  Email us property address and size for a quote.

* Volume discounts available to auto dealers and property managers.  Call or write for details.

* We love Realtor referrals!


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Not a licensed contractor. $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage maintained through Rockhill Insurance Company.