30 years of smoking – odor gone in 3 days!

Is it even possible?

This may be our best success story yet!

A new homeowner bought a home in a retirement community, and got a great deal on the home because of the severe cigarette smoke odor left behind by the previous owner. It’s estimated that the previous owner lived, and smoked in the home for around 30 years!

Home remediation companies were recommending a complete gut of the home, removing all flooring, cabinets, and drywall, with bids of over $20,000!!!

Due to the extremely strong tobacco smell in the home, we ran our equipment for 3 straight days, and voila! The cigarette smell was gone! Skeptics come forward, because we have a new fan out there. We saved the new homeowner over $20,000 in remediation costs! Unfortunately for the previous owner, they didn’t know about our services, and had to discount the home tremendously when selling it.

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