Air Purification Equipment Rental

The individual completing this order herein referred to as “Client” agrees to terms and conditions stated below, and represent that they have the authority to have the subject property worked on by Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC.

The client is hereby “renting” our air purification equipment, to be temporarily installed in a home or business’ air conditioning system.  The deposit amounts reflected in our pricing is completely refundable upon our successful recovery of undamaged equipment within 30 days of the install date.  If the home is for sale, be sure to contact us at least 5 days before the close of escrow date to allow us ample time to schedule a recovery of our equipment.  Failure to give Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC at least 5 days notice to recover our equipment could result in our equipment remaining in the home after the sale.  Deposits are non-refundable if Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC cannot recover its equipment.

Please complete your payment below. The number of units refers to the number of AC units in your home or business.  You will need one unit per air conditioning unit for optimal performance and effectiveness.  Note the end cost doesn’t change for you provided we recover our undamaged equipment, only the deposit amount.

A representative will contact you soon after for scheduling.

Air Purification System Rental
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* Client is doing business with Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. and not directly with any employee or member. * Service Provider does not provide remediation services. * Client understands that ionized compounds containing oxygen can cause cracking and “attack” polymers, rubbers, wood, and other carbon based materials causing degradation of materials. With these compounds always present in the air, Client’s personal property is always exposed to these compounds, and most of these materials degrade over time as a result of this exposure. As such, Client acknowledges that there could never be a reasonable conclusion that exposure to these compounds resulting from our equipment could be a direct cause to damage to personal property. Client is responsible to protect all valuable and sensitive personal property from exposure, and assumes all risk to personal property left exposed by Client. * Failure to pay for services rendered or equipment installed in real property may result in a mechanics lien on the property.