Hotels, Motels, and Apartments

Let’s face it, people do stuff in these rooms that can leave them stinky.  Over the years, we’ve heard from lots of stories from hotel facilities managers, apartment managers, and apartment maintenance men regarding bad smells.  People have hid stuff in their rooms that have gone days, weeks, or even months before being discovered by cleaning people.  Maybe some soiled underwear they don’t want to take home?  Food?

You name it, they’ve found it.  Lots of hotels and motels cater to traveling sports teams too.  That equipment doesn’t get washed everyday you know.  Most of these places have their own equipment and chemicals to address odors, but these are not always effective.  A typical ozone generator used by a hotel will have an output of under 1 gram/hour.  Our machines can generate up to 10 grams/hour.  Furthermore, they will only treat a room or unit with one machine.  So a complete living space is being serviced by only about 1 gram/hour.

Introducing ozone to a space isn’t an automatic to treat and kill odor causing bacteria.  A key element is concentration.  How much ozone is generated in the full space?  Think about fumigating for bugs.  If you only set off one bug bomb in the living room, can you expect it to fumigate an entire home?  Wouldn’t it be more prudent to put one bomb in each room?  To properly fumigate a home, you want to ensure as high a concentration as possible to make sure the job is thorough.  Well, we feel the same way.  We sometimes attack an odor with as much as 100x the concentration of a typical hotel generator.  Our goal is to be as thorough as possible with our treatments to ensure our customers’ problems are addressed right, the first time.


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