Our testimonials page features a brief description of scenarios for people we have addressed.  All quotes are copied directly from emails or text messages we have received.  We love meeting people in person when we are done, because their reactions are always that of amazement.  When we can’t meet people when we are done, we always ask them to text or email us feedback.  Here are a few examples of situations we have treated for, and our clients’ reactions:

A “soccer dad” took fruit to snack on for the team to an all day tournament event.  Problem was, he forgot the fruit in the trunk of his car, for three days!!!  He noticed his car starting to smell, but it didn’t dawn on him what the problem was for three whole days in our Arizona heat.  By then, the damage was done.  The stench in his car was unbearable and made him want to vomit every time he got in his car.  He shampooed it and tried several bottles of Febreze, with no luck.  The smell in the car was still unbearable until he called Smell Fresh Arizona.  After a 1 hour treatment, his reaction:

“Wow!  Seriously?  I don’t smell anything!  That’s awesome!  Thanks so much!” – Steve L***, car owner

A landlord has rental where people kept dogs and cats in the garage.  For years, renters would complain and they tried several ways to eliminate the odor without success.  He decided to sell it, but the new buyers would only buy it with a condition that they got the smell out.  Smell Fresh Arizona came in to remove the odor.  The owner’s feedback:

“Thanks again. I stopped by the house this morning again and it is amazing. We have been dealing with renters and now potential buyers complaining of the smell for the past several yrs. We definitely will recommend your services. I told the potential buyers if they have any questions they could call you direct. I doubt that they will but I would appreciate it if you would answer any questions that might have regarding your excellent service.” – Landlord – John F***

A previous agent lost a listing that didn’t sell.  This agent got the listing and asked Smell Fresh Arizona to treat it before she put it back on the market.  Her first impression after we finished:

“It is incredible!!!” – Real Estate Agent – Joy P*** – Long Realty

Firefighter who just bought a late model Jeep Renegade.  The previous owner smoked in it, and the dealership who sold him the Jeep masked the odor during the test drive.  Smell Fresh Arizona treats lots of cars just after people buy them off of the lot.  His reaction when we finished:

“Awesome job Mike!!  The Jeep smells brand new!!  Thank you again :)” – Firefighter – Phillip M***

An agent picked up a new listing that smelt really bad of cat dander and urine.  The owner had an older dog that would have accidents in the home, and a cat.  The owner had just spent $1,200 on carpet cleaning, and the home still smelt as if they didn’t do anything at all.  The agent’s reaction after we were done:

“Smell is gone.  You are my hero!!” – Amy G*** – HomeSmart

A new homeowner bought a mountainside home built in the hills.  It had a beautiful feature where the mountain rock was exposed to part of the interior of the home.  Unfortunately, mice found haven in a small hidden portion under building material.  When they opened it up, they found nests, live mice, dead mice, baby mice, and years of feces.  This part of the home smelt really bad.  Their contractors doing rehab on the home could barely tolerate being inside the home.  They left for vacation while we treated the home.  Their reaction when they got back:

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work while we were away – the house smells AMAZING and all of my workers have commented how much better everything smells thanks to you!” – Alexis H*** – Homeowner

A property manager of a 200+ unit apartment complex called us to treat a unit for cat urine owner.  The tenant had 5 cats in her 700 sq.ft. apartment.  His building maintenance men had already removed all of the flooring and used cleaning products on the sub-floor, but the unit still smelt.  His reaction when Smell Fresh Arizona was done:

“I have other properties that if I have problems with I will definitely call you and I will also refer you out if anyone ask me if I recommend anyone that takes care of issues like mine in the future… thx again Michael” – Clint S***- Property Manager

His contractors supposedly used the same equipment as Smell Fresh Arizona.  Maybe they used “similar” equipment, but NO COMPANY IN THE VALLEY has the combined power output of machines that Smell Fresh Arizona has.  We can shock a property heavier and harder than any other company in the valley, including the large remediation companies.

A real estate agent owned a condo and rented out to some tenants who smoked in it.  She had the carpet removed and the walls painted, but it still smelled like cigarette smoke.  Her message after we were done:

“Partner finally got there- says no smell thank you” “When near my office-pls drop off some cards thxs again” – Ellen C*** – Realty Executives

A real estate agent had an emergency.  He just took a listing and scheduled 3 showings for the next day.  The problem was he hadn’t visited the property before scheduling the showings, and it smelt bad of cat dander and tobacco. Smell Fresh Arizona went out to treat the property that night and finished early the next day before his scheduled showings.  He got a contract that same day!

“thanks again for getting this done for us so quickly” – Michael O*** – Remax

A mother had called us after her family had just moved into a rental home.  The previous tenants had pets, and her son was gravely allergic to furry animals.  He was breaking out in hives living in this home, and they were tied into a lease and already unpacked.  This family was in a bad situation that could have turned into a nasty legal situation if they couldn’t stay living there, and had to potential break the lease and pay for moving expenses all over again.  She called us to sterilize her home.  Her reaction when we were done:

“My son is playing on the floors in this house like there was never a problem.  Thank you so much!” – Jenny P*** – Renter

This one speaks for itself:

“Excellent customer service and great results.  I just purchase a slightly used car and unfortunately there was a tabacco smell in it.  I found Smell Fresh Az on the internet and for $60 they entirely removed the smell.  Scheduling was easy and they were available to service my vehicle the next day.  Don’t hesitate to call them if you need odor removal.” – Jessy M*** – A used car buyer

A property owner/landlord had a renter smoke in their rental property.  Here’s what they had to say about us on Yelp:

“Fabulous company! Fast, friendly service and no more tobacco smell in our rental!   Thank you, Michael!” – Patti N*** – Investment property owner

Auto treatment for tobacco treatment:

“Hello Michael!  My car smells wonderful.  So far so good.  Thank you much!” – Kayla P*** – used car buyer

Response on a tobacco treatment on a rental home of an investor:

“The place smells great” – Sandy B*** – investor

A realtor called us representing investors who had tenants lined up to move in to a smelly home, but only if the smell was gone.  The investor wanted the seller to pay for our service, and wanted it done before closing in 3 days.  We were able to finish our treatment on the closing day, so the tenants could move in the next day.

“The house smells much better! Thank you” – Tina C*** – AZ Premier Realty

We treated a property after a small kitchen fire that stunk up the home.  After we finished, here’s the text we got:

“Bless you and thank you!” – Cheryl C*** – Homeowner

A guy had a bed mattress in a storage unit, and when we put it in his home, it had a very musty smell.  He was ready to throw it out, but asked us to try treating it first.

“Wow, amazing!  This stuff really works.” – Jesse P*** – Homeowner

An agent called us to treat two of her listings, one for pet odor and one for tobacco odor.  Her text message after she inspected the two properties:

“Great.  Thank you for the great service.  Look forward to working with you again.” – Sharon B***  – HomeSmart