Businesses Served

Smell Fresh Arizona is in the business of odor removal from pets, cigarette smoke, mold, and more.  Our business is so unique, we’re often asked who, when or why would someone or a business need our service.

Besides odor removal from common sources such as pet, smoke, food and mildew, ozone shock treatments are effect for killing infectious bacteria.  Ozone is often used in hospitals to sterilize operating rooms and infectious wards within medical facilities.  As a gas that can reach every square inch of every surface area within a room, there can be no hiding spots for bacteria.  Whereas most other cleaning methods can “miss” some spots.  Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities cannot afford the risk of spreading infections.  For that matter, neither can day cares, nurseries, schools or gyms, which can be referred to as “germ factories”.  Regular treatment should be regarded as essential for any of these facilities.

Here is a short list of reasons to call Smell Fresh Arizona:

  • Home owner
  • Car or truck owner
  • RV owner
  • Vacation home owner
  • Rental property owner
  • Real Estate Agent / Realtor
  • Property Manager
  • Bar or Night Club
  • Restaurant
  • Day care / Nursery / Schools
  • Gyms, spas, massage parlors
  • Car dealer / auto dealership
  • Apartment manager
  • Motel / hotel
  • Office manager
  • Home staging
  • Medical clinics/ urgent cares
  • Retirement homes / senior living centers