Mold Testing and Remediation

Smell Fresh Arizona is finding new ways everyday to extend its research and technologies into helping homeowners and businesses.  We are in constant contact with chemical manufacturers and suppliers, learning how to bring microorganism killing technologies to you.  We research chemicals used in disaster relief efforts, virus outbreaks, hospitals and other institutions managing infectious diseases, food and water processing plants, and more!

Before we bring any chemical into a client’s home or business, it must meet our stringent criteria:

  • It must be effective at delivering on promised results.
  • It must be durable in providing long lasting results.
  • It must be safe for people, pets, and plants after application.

Our research has led us to discover chemistries that are both effective at killing 99.999% of all germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi (mold), and leave NO residues that would be harmful for people, pets or plants.  Our mold remediation product is registered with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as a “NO RINSE ON FOOD CONTACT SURFACES” sanitizer.  What does this mean?  It means our product is so safe for people, you could spray your kitchen countertops with it to disinfect them, and start preparing your next meal on those same countertops without even being required to rinse the surface for harmful residues.  Our mold killing and mold inhibiting product is that safe!


Mold Testing

Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. offers mold testing in line with the Mold Inspection Consulting And Remediation Organization.  We will inspect a property, then offer a full written report.  Our pricing starts at $100, and goes up from there, but can be done for an average of $200 for most residential cases.  The pricing is dependent on how many samples must be taken for lab analysis, as each sample must be individually tested based on fixed independent laboratory fees.

Mold Remediation

Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. offers demolition free mold remediation.  We can rid an entire home of active mold spores, without ripping out sheet rock, cabinets, or flooring. Once the moisture issue is repaired, and dried out to not cause further damage, we can treat the entire property to kill all mold that is airborne and on surfaces in the home.  Our treatments include mold killers and mold inhibitors.  We not only kill all mold in a home, we add protective coatings to inhibit future mold growth.  If any mold is detected or suspected in walls, we can drill small holes in between studs to add our mold killers and mold inhibiting products effectively rendering all in-wall mold inert.  Any in-wall mold matter that was once living, becomes dead, simple inert matter.  Treating the AC system is always inclusive in our mold remediation services, so you can feel safe that active mold spores cannot further spread through your home or work space.

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As is the case with any and all mold inspection or remediation companies, Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. can not and does not make health claims as to the effects of mold and/or remediation efforts prescribed or performed.