Duct Cleaning Booking Page

The individual completing this order form herein referred to as “Client” agrees to terms and conditions stated below, and represent that they have the authority to have the subject property treated by Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC.

You are here to order service for an air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning of your home or business. We have either already agreed upon a date and time window to start, or will call you to make an appointment. You will be contacted by phone to pay a $30 booking fee by credit or debit card, and will be charged the balance due upon completion of the scheduled service. The total that will be billed is $95 for dryer vent duct cleaning only, or $30/vent for a whole home duct cleaning service call. The $30 booking fee counts towards your first vent cleaned!


Leave special instructions in message box below, such as desired appointment date and time window, and access instructions for vacant homes or gated communities.

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There are no booking fee refunds on appointments canceled the day of service, however we will carry your $30 forward for rescheduled appointments.

Many homes have flex ducting in them. You are hiring us to run a vacuum hose and brush system through your duct system with some minimal risk of damage to your flex duct system. Thousands of homes with flex duct systems are cleaned annually without damage to them using our systems. You agree to hold Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC and it’s members, employees, and contractors harmless in the event of damage that is likely not the cause of negligence, but rather age, deterioration, defects, installation or workmanship issues with the flex duct system.

Air ducts or dryer vent outlets above the length of our ladder reach of 18 feet may not be cleaned.

You are inviting us into your home to perform work in your home. We will take great care to work clean and without damage to your home, however some activities can result in minor “wear and tear” in your home that may come with the territory in the course of this type of work, such as minor scuffs from ladders and other large equipment being brought into your home. For minor events of items being soiled or scuffed during the course of our work, you agree to hold Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC and it’s members, employees, and contractors harmless against claims of damage to your home or personal property.