Extreme Cases

Thank you for considering Smell Fresh Arizona for your odor removal needs.

We have implemented a basic, flat-fee pricing model to tackle most odor remediation needs.  This model serves our customers well in that it saves time from having to “get quotes”, and it saves people from feeling like they are being up-sold because their home is a little stinkier, a little bigger, a little farther, has stairs, etc…  So we try to serve all our clients at low fixed prices. Believe it or not, we would actually have to raise our prices if we had to give custom quotes on all our jobs, due to the added time and travel to prepare quotes.

We also offer a courtesy retreat as part of our guarantee.  If a customer is not fully satisfied with the results of our initial treatment, we will go back out at no charge, and retreat the property.

We offer an incredibly low cost, high yield, standard remediation service to our customers that has worked in over 98% of customer cases.  This service has saved people thousands in remediation alternatives, such as: replacing flooring, painting, replacing sheet rock, stripping concrete, applying sealers, and more.  However, some extreme cases do require extra remediation steps beyond our standard treatments.

Some examples of extreme cases:

  • Years of chain smoking in a home, versus a home with just a few years of smoking in it.
  • Hoarder homes.  Hoarding itself doesn’t usually cause odors, but hoarders often have lots of pets that ultimately start urinating and defecating in the home.
  • Homes with crawl spaces.  These homes in the inner city often become dens for multiple cats, which live, eat, urinate, defecate, raise litters, and die under these homes.  Suburban and rural properties can have similar problems, with other critters living under the homes.
  • Homes with lots of indoor furry pets (usually more than 4).  Sometimes its not the number of pets, so much as where the animals are using the bathroom.  We had one case where only 2 animals lived in the home, but the homeowner allowed them to use the bathroom wherever they wanted in the home.

If your property is an extreme case, please don’t abuse us.  Please know our standard treatments have worked adequately in over 98% of all our jobs, but could come up short in an extreme case.  If you choose to use a standard treatment to treat an extreme case, please don’t ask for a refund or become critical of us if we come up short.  We do not offer refunds, for the simple reason that we can be taken advantage of because odors are subjective, and we commit a fair amount of time and hard costs in trying to help solve your odor issues.

Also, please be open to other remediation suggestions whether done by us or your own contractors.  We’re here to help you.  Most restoration companies charge thousands, often upwards of $10,000 for most major remediation jobs.  They often resort to removing and replacing most of the materials in the home, that run up the costs immensely.  We can guide clients through steps avoiding much of their costs and overhead, often bringing most homeowners to under 25% of what a restoration contractor would charge.

We recognize when people call us, they have a problem for which they need help, and we want to help everyone.  We also recognize that people don’t like to be up-sold.  No one wants to get a $395 phone quote, only to quoted again $2,000 at the first visit. We could easily turn away people who don’t want us to perform all recommended remediation steps, knowing there is a risk of the odor not being fully remediated.  Because we want to help everyone, and with a 98% success rate with our standard treatments, we are happy to try and help you with just a standard treatment.  Just please be understanding if there is more to be done in an extreme odor removal case.

We’re here to help eliminate your odor issues.  We can advise on, or perform extreme odor removal remediation actions:

  • Earth removal/replacement
  • Drywall removal/replacement
  • Lumber removal/replacement
  • Concrete stripping
  • Concrete sealing
  • Wall sealing
  • Chemical treatments
  • Air Purification Systems

Thank you again for considering Smell Fresh Arizona!