Thank you so much for contributing to some special students!

Smell Fresh Arizona is happy to help student academic and athletic programs raise money for their causes.

We will deliver funds and products to the student program on a weekly basis.  The students participating in this fundraiser are responsible for delivering your products to you.  If you are unsure of their delivery time frames or arrangements, please contact the student or program directly.


Got refrigerator odors?

Our Refrigerator Air Purifiers not only reduce odors, but they also make your fruits and vegetables last longer! Our Refrigerator Air Purifiers works by emitting super-low amounts of ozone and ions into your refrigerator. These work to kill germs, mold and bacteria! This process effectively works to slow down the decay rate of your fruits and vegetables! These systems essentially pay for themselves in no time! No more buying baking soda boxes for your fridge! No more throwing away fruits and vegetables after just a few days!

Our Refrigerator Air Purifiers work on 3x AA batteries, and last about 3 months before needing battery replacements. The LED on the front of the Purifier will turn red when ready for new batteries. Further instructions are included in the box!

Got odors in your vehicle?

Let’s be real. Febreze doesn’t work as advertised. Vent clip air fresheners only mix perfume smells with bad smells. Auto detailers are expensive. We have a long term, low cost, low maintenance solution for you!

How do you know when its time to change your air freshener? When its not working any more! How do you know when its not working any more? When your car starts to stink again!

Our Auto Air Purifiers plug in your car’s 12V accessory (cigarette lighter) socket and run continuously, with a design life of up to 3 years! There is nothing to change out, and no refills to buy! You’ll save money from not having to buy new bottles of Febreze or other air fresheners often.

Our Auto Air Purifiers works by emitting super-low amounts of ozone and ions into the air in your vehicle. These work to kill odor causing germs and Volatile Odor Compounds (VOC’s) emitted by the materials used to make up the interior of your vehicle. The ions cause particles in the air to stick together, effectively becoming heavier than air and falling to the floor of your vehicle to become vacuumed up later on.

* Expect anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before experiencing noticeable results in your vehicle, depending on how bad your vehicle smells before using this device. Our Auto Air Purifiers should work to maintain an odor free vehicle thereafter. Strong odors should be addressed with one of our shock treatments first. We’ll include an Auto Air Purifier for free with your purchase of an auto odor shock treatment. Pricing and order placement HERE.

* Power to the 12V accessory socket usually turn off when the auto is off for foreign vehicles, and stay on continuously with domestic vehicles. The power draw on these are low enough that they should not drain your battery between starts, even over several days between starts.


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* Amounts of ozone emitted by both our Refrigerator & Auto Air Purifiers are tested by our manufacturers to be below the the EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standard of 70 parts per billion (ppb), and are further lower than the normal ozone levels of ambient outdoor air. Use of either device should be monitored and ceased if you notice effects in your breathing or respiratory system.