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The individual completing this order form herein referred to as “Client” agrees to terms and conditions stated below, and represent that they have the authority to have the subject property treated by Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC.

The scope of service provided by Service Provider is generally limited to odor removal by use of highly concentrated, powerful oxidizers in an agreed upon closed space. click here english term https://heystamford.com/writing/do-custom-essay-writing-services-work/8/ brand cialis wiki 2007 business plan pro premier https://zacharyelementary.org/presentation/dissertation-example-uk/30/ source site buy diet viagra online respecting elders in islam essay effet du sildenafil chez la femme https://efm.sewanee.edu/faq/thesis-and-theme-difference/22/ go here cialis online in contrassegno should animal testing be banned essay see url levitra deweese good essay about culture how to change ip address of pc in linux best article review writing service for university efectos viagra adolescentes writers wallpapers get link donde consigo viagra sin receta en mexico 1007 gre practice questions 4th edition pdf https://www.cei.utah.edu/wp-content/blogs.dir/15/files/2013/?speech=essay-writing-any-topic https://www.sojournercenter.org/finals/death-essay-ideas/85/ how can i buy viagra in us viagra oslo list of viagra companies english essay search what's alternative viagra effects of herbal viagra During service, Client assumes responsibility for maintaining the absence of people, pets, plants and personal property that may be harmed by highly concentrated oxidizers.


CLIENT UNDERSTANDS IN SEVERE CASES OF HEAVY TOBACCO USE AND URINATION ODORS, OUR STANDARD TREATMENT MAY JUST BE A “STEP” IN THE OVERALL REMEDIATION PROCESS, AND OTHER REMEDIATION EFFORTS MAY BE REQUIRED BY CLIENT.  We offer a courtesy retreat as part of our guarantee for fully paid, non-discounted service treatments.  If odors persist beyond a retreat, further remediation efforts by client are required.  We offer shellac sealer options for these clients.  If you know or suspect up front that your case is severe, please inquire about our shellac sealer treatments.

TOBACCO ODOR REMOVAL TREATMENTS include the application of oil based counteractants and light sealer. The counteractant is applied with a cold fogger for light treatments, or applied as a wall wash for heavy treatments. The light sealer is applied with a thermal fogger. If you are ordering a tobacco treatment, you are responsible for two precautionary steps prior to our service:

  1. YOU MUST NOTIFY YOUR ALARM COMPANY OF OUR SERVICE TIMES IF YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS ARE MONITORED to avoid any false alarm dispatches of emergency services. Responsible party ordering service accepts responsibility of any costs associated with false alarms.
  2. While we’ve had no prior issues of harming personal property, you are responsible for covering or removing from the home personal property that you feel may be sensitive to exposure to our oxidizers and oil based products.  We will do a rough cleaning of any oily residues left on hard surfaces.

Based upon Service Provider’s fee schedule, Client agrees to pay for service prior to scheduled start date and time, or immediately upon notification of completion of service by Service Provider.

Please complete the online form below to submit your service request. A representative will contact you soon after for scheduling.

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* Client is doing business with Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. and not directly with any employee or member. * Service Provider does not provide remediation services. * Service Provider does not promise or guarantee the complete elimination of mold or germs, nor prevents the (re)emergence of mold and germs. * Service Provider is not a cleaning service. * The extent of our air conditioning duct work cleaning is limited to the flushing of ozone gas into the duct work by means of the air conditioning’s own air handler suction capacity. * During treatment, Client is responsible for keeping property secure, and devoid of people, pets and plants. Should the premises be breached during treatment, Client assumes all risks, liability and consequences of exposure of people, pets, and plants to the ozone gas. As such, Client to hold harmless Service Provider from any liability for harm from exposure to ozone gas as a result of treatment. Client further to indemnify Service Provider should exposure to people, pets and plants result from Client’s failure to keep property sure during treatment. * Client understands that Client and other people, pets, and plants are constantly exposed to ozone gas as a result of nature and pollution. Ozone is a constant presence in our atmosphere. As such, Client acknowledges that there could never be a reasonable conclusion that exposure to ozone gas by Service Provider could be directly attributed to ill health effects on people, pets, plants or property damage. Client further acknowledges that most ill health effects resulting from exposure to ozone gas results from long term, not acute, exposure. The decay rate of ozone gas at ground levels is fast, thus residual ozone presence after treatment is negligible after a proper ventilation period prescribed by Service Provider. * Client understands that ozone can cause cracking and “attack” polymers, rubbers, wood, and other carbon based materials causing degradation of materials. With ozone always in the air, Client’s personal property is always exposed to ozone gas, and most of these materials degrade over time as a result of this exposure. As such, Client acknowledges that there could never be a reasonable conclusion that exposure to ozone resulting from treatment by Service Provider could be a direct cause to damage to personal property. Client is to remove all valuable and sensitive personal property prior to treatment, and assumes all risk to personal property left in treatment area by Client. * Client is notify alarm company of Smell Fresh service times if smoke detectors are monitored.  *  Client is responsible for false alarms resulting in the dispatch of fire fighters.  *  Client acknowledges our 1 time courtesy retreat as part of our guarantee is not offered or applicable to discounted services.  *  Failure to pay for service completed on real property may result in a mechanics lien on the property.