Allergens and Germs

Moving into a used home?  Are you or your loved ones allergic to pet dander or asthmatic?  Do you worry about germs left behind by previous residents of a home?

Now you can move into a used home with some assurance that all germs and allergens have been killed and neutralized.

We provide an ozone shock treatment service to homes of any size for only $245.

Ozone is a highly proven and highly effective sterilizing agent.  It is one of the most powerful oxidants known to man.  It’s effectiveness as a sterilizing agent makes it a popular choice in medical and research facilities where the transfer of germs is high.  It is known to kill or neutralize mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander – even staph (MRSA) and Ebola!

Ozone is a more effective sterilizing agent than any liquid form disinfectants you can buy, WITH NO HARMFUL RESIDUES.  Why?  It’s simple!  Ozone is applied in a gas form, effectively fumigating a home.  As a gas, it will reach every single square inch of a home exposed to open air in the home.  From the ceilings to the floors, and inside the AC duct system.  Even your best cleaners using rags, mops, and shampooers are going to miss a spot or two.  Smell Fresh Arizona will not!

No residues!  Really?  Really!  Ozone is an unstable gas that returns to normal, breathable oxygen within about 20 minutes after generation according to most scientific publications.  As an added safeguard, we always provide for a thorough ventilation of a home to conclude our treatments.

Don’t take chances, by moving into a home only to find out the previous owner left behind pet dander or other agitating allergens to your family, or God forbid, something worse!  The best time for Smell Fresh Arizona to treat a home, is before you move in when it’s vacant.  If you move in first and find out you need us, we then have to try and schedule our treatment when everyone can be out of the house.

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