A former hoarder’s house with 50+ cats, CURED by Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC

We were contacted to treat a beautifully remodeled, hillside home in Fountain Hills recently.  We were unaware of the history of the home.  The current owner, who had recently bought the home to restore and sell it contacted us for pet urine odors in the home.

It turns out the home was previously owned by a hoarder and animal rescuer who had 50+ cats living in her home.  The cats were allowed to roam freely, and urinate and defecate freely throughout the home for years.

When authorities found out, they removed the owner and animals from the home. Here are some quotes from those authorities:

‘The stench from the cat urine and feces was so unbearable, we considered calling a hazmat team to clear the area.’

‘It was far worse than any homicide scene I’ve investigated.’

‘we were walking through literally two feet of feces.’

Eventually clean-up and restoration crews came through the home. The drywall was removed from the interior of the home, the concrete was chemically treated, and the home was shocked with ozone.  Despite these efforts, the home still smelled.
The new owner contacted Smell Fresh Arizona.  We advised the new owner that we could further and more thoroughly shock treat the property, but since the problem was so severe and covered up by new flooring and other building materials, a minor odor could still persist due to the underlying materials continuing to out-gas.
We were able to almost completely remove the cat urine odor, but there was still a faint lingering odor.  Since this was a million dollar home, removing flooring to re-expose the concrete would cost 10’s of thousands of dollars, and not really an option, we then suggested our Air Purification System to combat the odor consistently, constantly, all-day, everyday.
It worked!  After several restoration companies attempting to treat the home before us, and over a year in trying to deal with this odor issue with countless other remedies, the new owner was finally relieved by our Air Purification System.
Our system could match and counter the home’s out-gassing constantly 24/7/365.
The new owner was originally skeptical of our system since he and others had tried so many things before Smell Fresh Arizona to treat this home.  Needless to say, he was amazed by our results, and Smell Fresh Arizona has a new raving fan for life.  The gratitude he exuded can’t be put into words.
Visit an article about this house at this link, and see the pictures of how disgusting this house was, and see video.  The news reporter had to move away from the house because the smell at nearly 50 feet away was still unbearable.


We serve restaurants and bars!

Have you ever gone to eat at a stinky restaurant?  Any real connoisseur of food should know that your sense of smell is associated with your sense of taste.  Now imagine going to eat at a restaurant that smells like curry, and you decide to order anything but curry.  What’s your food going to taste like?  You guessed it!  Curry!

A member of our staff recently visited a restaurant with a friend for lunch.  The place reeked of who knows what, but it was bad.  A combination of food, must, tobacco, and maybe a dead fish someone hid in a planter.  Needless to say, they were out of there in a hurry.  Could that establish be losing money over the smell of their building?  The sad thing is that sometimes business owners are losing money over things they are not even thinking to address.  These business owners might be thinking it’s the lighting, the ambiance, the location, the competition, the management, the staff, their pricing, etc… but no, they are losing money because their place stinks!

Some odors just come back because they are reintroduced to the environment.  A seafood restaurant is going to eventually smell fishy again if neglected.  That said, we do offer our services to businesses in need of regularly scheduled treatments or our continuous air purification system.

If you happen to encounter a smelly business establishment, chances are it still smells because they don’t know it smells bad enough for them to lose business.  Do them a favor and give them a friendly nudge our way.  A bar doesn’t have to smell like a musty cigar box, and a seafood restaurant doesn’t have to smell fishy.

Cigarette odor removal

Another mainstay of our business has been to address tobacco odor in cars.  Even smokers who roll down their windows when smoking, or try to leave the cigarette hanging out the window, still get a tobacco odor built up in their car.  Now imagine trying to sell that car to a non-smoker.  Some people absolutely hate the smell of cigarette smoke in cars.

One dealer said that when he use to get cars that smelled like tobacco, he had to sell them at a wholesale rate because his detailers couldn’t get the smell out.  Most auto detailers are limited to carpet shampooing and masking odors with perfumes.

He “use to” have to sell those cars at a wholesale rate.  Not anymore.  Not since we introduced him to our expert odor removal service.  Needless to say, we have a client for life.