We at Smell Fresh Arizona cannot emphasize this enough.  Never, ever used mothballs in closed living spaces.  This includes never, ever using mothballs in attics or crawlspaces under homes. We’ve had two recent cases where homeowners used mothballs for rodent control.  One owner in North Phoenix opened the mothball bags and spread the mothballs throughout […]

Does it still smell or not?

On occasion, we get customers who “think” they still smell something after a treatment. Upon inspection, and even with the noses of others who don’t know the history of a home, we can’t smell anything. So does it smell or not? In case you’re not familiar with our story, the founding member of Smell Fresh […]

Allergy relief!

Smell Fresh Arizona has been in business primarily to address odor issues in homes, businesses and autos.  It was a welcome surprise to us when we received a call from a distressed parent asking for our help.  Her family moved into a rental home that had been previously been occupied by a family that had […]

How does ozone work?

A GOOD READ from HOW DOES OZONE WORK? Ozone tends to react with other substances by attaching the third oxygen atom to the other substance, thereby oxidizing it.  Many of us have heard weather reports where the ozone levels were referred to in conjunction with pollution levels. Ozone is present in smog because certain […]

Kitchen fires

Yes, we treat homes for kitchen fires! Ever forget something on the stove?  Ever leave a pot of soup or stew on the stove and leave for the day, only to come back to find the pot out of water, and your house full of smoke. That smoke or fire smell is strong and permeates […]

We serve restaurants and bars!

Have you ever gone to eat at a stinky restaurant?  Any real connoisseur of food should know that your sense of smell is associated with your sense of taste.  Now imagine going to eat at a restaurant that smells like curry, and you decide to order anything but curry.  What’s your food going to taste […]