Can we clean bed mattresses?

This was kind of a new request for us.  We’ve never been asked to just clean the odor out of a bed mattress before.  The mattress had been wrapped in storage.  We told the client that it likely had a musty odor due to any amount of moisture that was sealed with the mattress.  Our concern was that if the source of the odor was deep inside the mattress, our ozone gas would not penetrate deep enough into the mattress.  Our technology is great at reaching every square inch of surface area, and although a gas, it cannot be expected to go through walls or layers of a mattress.  With this caveat, we treated the mattress.  The client was quite happy with the results, so it looks like we can add mattresses to our menu of services 🙂

We are often asked to treat bedrooms with body odor issues.  The two main odor traps in a bedroom are mattresses and carpet.  Do you shower before bedtime, or in the mornings?  Consider that waiting until morning means going to bed, well, a little musty.  Even though you may feel relatively clean, going to bed without showering first will deposit small amounts of sweat each time.  Over the course of weeks, months, and years, it’s easy to see how a mattress can become a source of odor.  Why replace a smelly mattress if it’s still comfy, when you can just clean it?  Compare the cost of a new mattress to that of a quick shock treatment.

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Our business is dedicated to permanent odor elimination using the most effective process and technology available. We provide odor elimination treatment to businesses, homes, autos and RV’s. We use a non-intrusive, non-destructive process to permanently eliminate odors.  We do not use harmful chemicals, and we do not masks bad odors with perfumes. Read more about our technology here!

Pet odor removal

A mainstay of our business has been removing pet odor from homes.  We mostly get requests to rid homes of cat odor.  We now cat owners love their pets, but the odor that can be left behind in a home can be overwhelming to someone not use to living with cats.  Most people think that the work to rid a home of cat smell is exhaustive and expensive.  However, we can rid a home of cat odor in as little as 24 hours, and we can do it very affordably!

Cats, cats, cats!

A young couple recently bought a home downtown, and the previous owner owned several cats.  Besides the cats that were living in the home, there were several feral cats hanging out around the yard, and living under the home.  This home had its original, beautiful wood flooring.  The fear was that the cat dander odor would be too embedded in the wood to remove.  We were sure that there was plenty of cat urine saturated in the wood floors.  Then with cats living under the home, we were sure their smell was rising up from underneath the home.

We weren’t even sure how effective our treatment could be with such an overwhelming source of odor.  We agreed to take it on!  We treated underneath the home and inside the home, and success!!!  This was the first time we treated underneath a home, but it worked!  The couple was so happy!  They were afraid the were facing major rehab, and removal of the original wood floors just to get rid of the cat smell.  We were particularly proud to have been able to help them.