We at Smell Fresh Arizona cannot emphasize this enough.  Never, ever used mothballs in closed living spaces.  This includes never, ever using mothballs in attics or crawlspaces under homes.

We’ve had two recent cases where homeowners used mothballs for rodent control.  One owner in North Phoenix opened the mothball bags and spread the mothballs throughout the attic to keep mice out.  Yikes!  Imagine trying to recover all of those mothballs after they’ve fallen into all of the little nooks and crannys in an attic!  In Arizona heat!

Another owner outside of Payson put 8 bags strategically in the crawlspace under his 1,200 sq.ft. home to keep skunks out.  The odor emitting from so much mothballs was overwhelming inside the home.  It would give you a headache in a matter of minutes.

The chemicals in mothballs release a very strong chemical odor.  This is how they deter rodents, but this also deters people from entering these properties.  These chemicals are suspected, if not already proven, cancer causing carcinogens.  Mothballs dissolve with time, but this also allows its chemicals to seep into the materials underneath them.  The odors released by mothballs are way more powerful than most people anticipate, and needless to say, most people severely regret ever having used them.  The removal and cleanup efforts to rid a property of odors can be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

Smell Fresh Arizona was able to rid the home in Payson of skunk odor AND the mothball odors.  We were also able to rid the home of odors emanating from the attic in North Phoenix.  How?  Trade secret and hard work.  As much as we appreciate the business, we would never want anyone to experience the after effects of using mothballs in their home.  It seriously makes the home unlivable until those odors are removed.