Allergy relief!

Smell Fresh Arizona has been in business primarily to address odor issues in homes, businesses and autos.  It was a welcome surprise to us when we received a call from a distressed parent asking for our help.  Her family moved into a rental home that had been previously been occupied by a family that had indoor dogs.  She and her son were allergic to pet dander.

The home was cleaned very well, will no visible signs of pet hair anywhere in the home, but boy could they feel it!  Her poor son was breaking out in hives, rashes, and had difficulty breathing in the home.  Imagine having just moved out of one home and into another, unpacked, and tied into a lease… in a house that made you and your family sick!

It is well understood in the scientific community that our technology kills bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, and neutralizes pet dander and other allergens.  So we did not hesitate to help this family, and assured this mother that we could rid her home of existing allergens.

Helping families rid their homes of odors always gives us great satisfaction, but to know we did a little more for this family that was tied into a lease in a home that made them sick was especially rewarding.  Please share are services with others you may know who are allergy sufferers moving into another home.  We can sterilize their home before move in, and make it allergen free.