Smell Fresh Arizona saves the day, without earning someone’s business!

As you can imagine, we get lots of calls for various odor issues.  This business was started by a frustrated consumer who was at his wits end and felt he exhausted all available resources to remove an odor.

No one wants to pay money to treat for odor removal if the source is not dealt with or removed.  Most of business is to treat a property after a smoker or pet owner has moved out.  So the odor source is gone.  We can go in and treat a property to “kill” the residual odor sources left behind.  The smoker or pets are gone, and now the odors are permanently gone. But what about other odors?

We’ve recently noticed a trend of service calls to treat raised properties.  That is to say there is a crawl space under the property.  This is common with older homes built before the 50’s, manufactured/mobile homes, hillside homes, and other properties.  This increase in service calls came with the rainy season.  What we noticed with many of these properties, is that the current or previous owners blocked all or some of the airways under the home.

So Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC. does not just blindly treat properties.  We try to identify the odor sources first to make sure there is not a constant odor source in the property that would return an odor after our treatment.  If we identify that the odor source will persist after our treatment, we let the property owner know so they can make an informed decision about how to proceed.  In the case of these raised homes, we helped the homeowners identify an issue with not having adequate ventilation under their home.  This ventilation is important to help keep gases from accumulating under the home and to help dry out moisture.  Moisture build up can encourage mold growth, which creates a musty odor.  These homeowners were able to correct the ventilation issues with their homes instead of spending money unnecessarily on an odor removal treatment with the cause would remain.

There are other instances where the property owner knows the source would remain, and it’s just a known issue they intend to live with.  A good example of this would be restaurants.  Some restaurants build up odors from cooking foods, and of course the odors will come back as long as the restaurant stays in business.  For these clients, we set up a recurring treatment plan to keep odors at bay, and help these businesses maintain a customer friendly environment.

So while we don’t earn everyone’s business, it’s our goal to earn everyone’s trust.