Don’t cry over spilt milk – Call Smell Fresh Arizona!

We got a call to deodorize someone’s car after they spilt milk in their car.  Odor in an automobile is terrible, and embarrassing every time you give someone a ride.  In our Arizona heat, spilt milk in a car can rot quickly.  The bacteria in milk festers and generates a powerful smell.  The smell of rotting milk is unbearable.  The car owner tried cleaning the spilt milk as best she could.  She vacuumed it and used lots of Fabreze, but it did not help.  We haven’t heard of anyone having success with Fabreze to remove odors in cars.  The milk seeped into the carpet on the car flooring, so only a very high powered shampooer could work in a case like this, or using our technology.  We were able to provide a shock treatment in the vehicle to remove the rotting milk smell from the car.  Another happy customer!

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