Got germs?

Why didn’t we think of this?

We recently got a request to treat a home for germs. Some home buyers were buying a resale home, and wanted an ozone shock treatment to ensure the home didn’t have any germs left behind from the previous owners. They were moving into a home with their small children, and the previous owners had indoor pets.

We generally treat homes for odor removal, but our same technology is commonly used to treat hospital rooms and locker rooms to kill germs. It’s also great to kill allergens.

So if you are a germophobe having germophobia, give us a call, and we can treat that used home or car you are buying.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the elimination of germs for liability reasons. For one, we are not a remediation company, nor do we wish to be categorized as one. Secondly, new germs could be introduced to any space a day after treatment, with no way to prove when a germ was introduced to a space. We are a cleaning service. So, do your own homework on our technology and decide for yourself its effectiveness as a germ and allergen killer. Then give us a call when you are ready to clean the air in that used home or car.

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