Kitchen fires

Yes, we treat homes for kitchen fires!

Ever forget something on the stove?  Ever leave a pot of soup or stew on the stove and leave for the day, only to come back to find the pot out of water, and your house full of smoke.

That smoke or fire smell is strong and permeates everything and everywhere throughout the house.  Good luck trying to get the smell of smoke out of your home.  There are a hundred and one suggestions on how to get the smell out:  boiling onions, boiling cinnamon,  cleaning with vinegar, setting out coffee beans, setting out charcoal filters, wiping down all your walls and furniture, etc…

Because the smell transferred from smoke that filled your home, and stuck to everything in your home, it’s almost impossible and overwhelming to try and clean everything.  Even if you do, you’ll likely find that your home still smells of smoke.

Ever here of the expression, “fight fire with fire”?  When to remedy the smell of smoke, try ozone.  The smell of smoke spread throughout your home with the smoke in the form of a gas.  Because it was in a gas state, it spread through the air in your entire home.  Ozone in a gaseous state will do the same thing.  It will find all of the same spaces that the smoke found, and oxygenate the smoke deposits thereby neutralizing them.

You might think to try and save a few bucks by buying a small machine safe for home use, but there are two major problems with this idea.  First, these machines don’t have enough output or strength to attack the problem.  It could take months, or even years before you get the smell out using one of these machines.  Secondly, despite the fact that some of these vendors claim their machines are safe to run in occupied spaces, ozone is not safe to breathe.  Ozone generators should never be ran in occupied spaces.

Even a relatively “high output” machine that you can rent isn’t enough.  These machines usually output about 3 grams/hour of ozone.  Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC can attack an odor problem in a home with out 100 grams/hour of ozone.  Shock and awe!  We can attack a problem with 33x the potency of a rental machine.  This means a faster and more thorough job for you, so you can start enjoying your home again without the awful house fire smoke smell in it.