Smell Fresh Arizona, a Real Estate Agent’s best friend

Strangely enough, we still come across homes that have been listed for sale or rent that have odors in them.  We can only imagine that’s because they are unaware of our services, and feel they’ve exhausted all efforts to get rid of the smell.

You know what they say about first impressions?  Most buyers or renters turn right around and move on to the next home after they smell tobacco or pet odors… and they are not coming back!  …at any price!

We often get called after a home has sat on the market for a while, unable to be sold or rented.  Sadly for Agents, this can unfairly reflect poorly on the Agent.  Agents always look like a hero when a home sells quickly for top dollar, but that’s hard to do with a house that stinks.

We recently treated a home for tobacco odor after it sat on the market for over 120 days.  It was a beautifully remodeled home, but it stunk!  Imagine going through the troubles of spending thousands of dollars and lots of hard work to replace flooring, remodel bathrooms and kitchens, and repaint the entire home… only to find that the home still smells.  It doesn’t matter how good the home looks if it stinks.  After 120 days on the market, imagine how many buyers passed through that home.  Imagine how many first impressions were ruined by a stinky house.

If you are an Agent reading this, don’t let a stinky home go on the market before one of our treatments.  Let your sellers know this is a must to get top dollar for their home, and to get their home sold as quickly as possible.

Oh ya, about that home that sat on the market for over 120 days… it received an offer under a week after we wrapped up our treatment.