I’ve already tried ozone before, and it didn’t work!

We recently had a client who was skeptical about giving us a try. He asked about our process, and was about to say, “Never mind, I’ve already tried using an ozone generator to remove odor, and it didn’t work.”

We were immediately shocked, because we’ve NEVER not been successful in removing odor. So we thought that maybe this was a challenge even too great for us. The homeowner described smoking in the home, and cats and dogs living in the home. Certainly a challenge for any company who is going in and gutting the home.

With some inquiry, it turns out the homeowner rented a small, low output generator to try and treat the home. A unit so small, it was actually safe to occupy the home while the machine was running.

That was an “ah ha” moment for all. We explained to the homeowner that what he did was like putting a few ounces of chlorine in a green swimming pool, and expecting it to clear up. It’s like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. If you’ve got a green swimming pool, you’ve got to “shock it” to kill all the algae. You’ve got to go in with an over kill solution with gallons upon gallons of chlorine and/or concentrated shock treatment.

We explained to him that just one of my machines is at least 10 times more potent than the one he rented. We further explained that a typical treatment of a home like his would be done by at least 10 of our machines. So we are going to shock treat his home with over 100 times the ozone output of what he already tried. He was sold!

Hotels use ozone to treat smell rooms all the time. Ozone generators are standard issue for any major hotel, yet we’ve even been contacted by major hotel franchises to treat rooms. Why? Simply put, our equipment is more powerful.

Another unfortunate incident was that the company that rented this homeowner told him it was OK to occupy the home while the machine was running. Some people have heard that ozone is unsafe. Ozone can be unsafe at high concentration levels. We personally don’t encourage breathing in ozone, and insist on homes being unoccupied during treatment, and the home being properly ventilated after treatment. Ozone gas dissipates very quickly, so with proper ventilation, a home can be safely reoccupied with no ill health effects. It should be known that ozone is present to some level just about all the time in the air you breath. Weather and pollution being the common sources.

So if you hear that ozone doesn’t work, or is dangerous, keep in mind that when properly used, ozone can be a safe solution for odor removal.

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